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The Tasmanian electro-grunge creator Zoe Zac releases the EP Maximum on the 1st of February.

Zoe Zac - Maximum

Zoe Zac – Maximum

The title and opening track of the five is a sound that spirals inside itself as Zoe Zac brings grunge to grunge in a fuzzy flurry of  material that, like a cat’s whiskers gently brushing spaces, tickles as it explores the timpani.

There is no volume at which you can play this that ever sounds loud enough as the muffled furriness gently weaves it magical spell, fixating the audience, as the sounds shred gold leaf over the listener.

It is always a pleasure to head back to Zoe Zac and if you are wondering where to spend your left over festive season money – bandcamp is where you will find Maximum.

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