Ziegler Co. – I’m A Ghost [II] / Tunnels – Single Review

Ziegler Co.,  an alternative band from England, are scheduled to release the AA side single I’m A Ghost [II] / Tunnels on the 5th of December.

Ziegler Co. - I'm A Ghost [II] / Tunnels - artwork

Ziegler Co. – I’m A Ghost [II] / Tunnels – artwork

I’m A Ghost [II] is an angular maths-funk influenced piece which spreads its wings far and wide as Ziegler Co. deliver just under four minutes of hip-pump,  as bass / percussion combinations lay down an off beat passage, in and out of which guitar and keys spiral in flumes, giving the track something of a jazzy texture. The vocal, although parading prominently, becomes a backdrop to the intriguing puzzles offered to the ears.

Tunnels opens akin to a centrist maths-rock number on speed as the angles flash across the room, underneath the busy foreground lays a surfy calypso that allows Siegler Co. to deliver a track that relaxes the body whilst it rushes the mind as it hurtles towards its three minute two second conclusion.


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