Zeitgeist – Vacuums – Audio

Zeitgeist is an English arithmetical-electronics trio.



Zip up the hood on a mountaineering sleeping-bag before hitting play to ensure you are fully cocooned and in darkness to completely enjoy the roughly ten minutes of their latest release, the three track single Vacuums which came out earlier in the month and is available on bandcamp.

The shards of sound fire at the ears in seemingly random trajectories as Zeitgeist deliver their combinations of drum-kit, bass guitar, keys and exploratory electronics which take rote-learned song structure as a challenge to beguilingly demonstrate as stuff and nonsense, rather than a lesson to be learned and, resultingly deliver material in which the listener has such an intensity of firing neurons in their brain they can’t help but be held in captivated pleasure.

The middle number and title track Vacuums did quite tickle my fancy with its angular architecture that reigns over the audience as though some threatening wrecking-ball as the architraves of undulating texture cascade around the ears.


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