Youth On Soda – Too Many – Audio

The US fuzz-rock trio Youth On Soda release their début LP Apple Pie on the 26th.

Youth On Soda - Apple Pie - artwork

Youth On Soda – Apple Pie – artwork

Distorted waves of sound leap out of the speakers as Youth On Soda deliver their music which immediately on hitting play reflects of the reality of the world around with its inherent frustration as bass and percussion rattle at the bars of a cage with the ill-tempered guitar pacing furiously in every greater frenzy whilst the acerbic vocal comments on the straight-jacket by which the many are constrained. Yet somehow through it all – unearthing wry humour and the glimmer of light of a better future.

Having had the opportunity to listen to three of the tracks on the forthcoming album, I can attest this to be a wall of fuzz that holds for long attention and is best played as intended, loudly, to become fully immersed in the music. It comes as no surprise they have quickly secured regular live performance shows and with fortune Apple Pie will open their audience from the local scene to a more global support.

From the forthcoming release (available on bandcampToo Many is the second of the eight tracks.


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