Youth Man

Youth Man is the new-wave trio of Kaila Whyte (Guitar / Vocals), Miles Cocker (Bass) and Marcus Perks (Drums) from Birmingham in England.

Youth Man - new-wave from England

Youth Man – new-wave from England

Ravaging the walls, the scourging sounds of Youth Man devour the plaster as the tempestuous flurries of momentum rebound through the cochlea. The trio reflect on social mores of today whilst pivoting around the thundering pile-drivers of early ’80s constructs.

Whilst instrumentally the tracks hold their own ground, with a vibrancy between guitars and percussion, which is steeped in organic fluidity that rattles around the brain, the sparring vocal gives Youth Man a discursive edge that raises the out-put for extraction and further consideration. Whilst the compositions are readily setting themselves up for comparison to the likes of 999 and Television, to do so is to miss the relevance of the sounds of today, as Youth Man have a space in the ’10s in which they deliver a commentary of a world as divisive as it was those three decades earlier.

Youth Man is a band with much to add to the world of music and I do recommend you spending some time to get to know the trio better.

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