Young Lungs

Young Lungs from Bauru in Brazil is the alternative rock quartet of Ellen da Matta (Bass), David Calleja (Guitar), Guilherme (Vocals / Guitar) and José Antônio N. Martinez (Drums).

Young Lungs - alt-rock from Brazil

Young Lungs

Spirals of dark clouds tumble around the room as Young Lungs take an acerbic look at the world around them. The quartet deliver understated somewhat melancholic themes inside guitar laden melodies. Switching between acoustic and electronic pieces as the mood of the songs suits, their music makes for an interesting discovery.

Extensive use of bass and percussion beats gives the sounds an expressive brooding presence to which the vocal adds to the sombre atmosphere, whilst guitar develops the themes of the tracks.  Only recently getting into their stride the Young Lungs début EP Seeded Player appeared earlier this year. The echoed slightly off-key vocal may not suit everyone’s ears, but rather than striking a discordant note, it suits the themes of the material well.

In keeping with the nature of the songs, the low tech recordings add distinct value to the resulting out-put and I look forward to hearing how the band progress over the coming year.


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