Young Braves

Young Braves from Telford in England is the indie rock quartet of Oliver Scott, Jakob Ferguson, Elliot Scott and Dan Byrne.

Young Braves - Indie Rock from England

Young Braves – Indie Rock from England

Wafting out of the speakers come well-mannered pieces of music, but were that all there is to say about Young Braves I wouldn’t ask you to spend time in their company.

Young Braves is a redirection and rebrand of Arcade Parade and the resulting dynamics have a depth of riches that belies the radio friendly initial impression. The quartet are able to work some fine melodies into the tracks which ensure the attention is retained. Encapsulating easy pop listening with a guttural rock tradition Young Braves keep enough grit in the resulting material to give it more than a passing interest.

Young Braves have a sound which serves up more, the more you listen, as the heavier pronouncements take centre-stage and the mind strays from the friendliness of it all to consider the layers of the sound.

Not one for my everyday playlist, as the music is very user friendly which as you know is not my focus, but certainly well worth coming back to in quieter moments and it will be of interest to hear how Young Braves develop over the short-term in what is a crowded sector with much to choose from. I wish them the best and hope they can quickly find a space in which to mark their presence.

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