Young Aviators

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Young Aviators comprising of the Irish trio of Decky Mc Kay, John Markey and Kyle Haughey is a garage rock band.

Young Aviators - garage rock from England

Young Aviators

Scintillating melodies mark out Young Aviators from the pack as something special. Resounding choruses will find you hoarse as you involuntarily deliver the necessary refrains, as smartly dressed compositions are rolled in iron filings before appearing in the speakers.

Young Aviators offer a shining spark in a genre which is rapidly loosing its sense of direction as the trio combine original song writing ability with rough edges to offer the audience music in which to immerse themselves. Well considered lyrical angles provide food for the brain, whilst compositional competence resonates into the psyche.

Unafraid to throw a curve-ball in to the mix Young Aviators ever test the audience, whilst making it relevant to the conundrums of the gravitated audience. This is a review to which it is essential to add more than one piece of music to appreciate the value of the band in the ’10s as they are able to both take the listener by the hand on a fun night out with lyrics of diatribe, whilst equally as impressive when offering a commentary in a completely different guise.

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