You Win Again Gravity

You Win Again Gravity from Windsor in England is the alt-rock quintet of Jack Jennings (Vocals / Guitar), Daniel Dreelan (Guitar / Backing / Vocals), James Mackenzie (Drums), Johnny Bastable (Guitar) and Andy Janson (Bass).

You Win Again Gravity - alt rock from England

You Win Again Gravity

A fascinating mix of thrash metal and harmony rock are merged by You Win Again Gravity which they deliver as a hybrid sound that radiates with both influences, giving the resulting material a distinctive musical space that will undoubtedly polarize opinion, which is no bad thing, as being prepared to make a statement is half the essence of rock derived music.

Although You Win Again Gravity has been around since 2008, they have had problems with defining a stable line-up, which has led to a fairly pedestrian development, despite being well received when they have been able to play live or release recordings.

With a new EP – the four track Brightly Coloured Landscapes set for release in February, which I have had the opportunity to hear, I hope they have are in for a period of calm, as the release, whilst sounding familiar to those who have heard earlier material, finds the band with a sharper focus and more determined sound.


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