You Are Number Six

You Are Number Six is the synth-wave singer songwriter Théo Lefebvre from Montpellier in France.

You Are Number Six - Synth-wave from France

You Are Number Six

Newly out of the block You Are Number Six is prolific with new material appearing regularly and a début (appropriately with six tracks) EP – Weird Tales – scheduled for the 20th, Theo would appear to have a stack of ideas to deliver to the world and the formula being explored is an ideal vehicle.

Whilst there is a zesty enthusiasm to the instrumental in the tracks, this is tempered by the swelling electronics which gives the music a fine patina surrounding the energy and allowing You Are Number Six to deliver sounds which fill the room with a fine veil of mist as synths imbue the music with atmosphere.

Whilst the derivatives of the influences are immediately recognizable, there is sufficient new and intrinsic to its own space to stop the mind wandering to the ‘oh that reminds me of’ as Theo brings it all up to the 21st Century.

Given the enticing start I look forward to hearing much more of You Are Number Six in short order with more of the attention encapsulating creativity.

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