You Are Number Six – From The North To The South – Audio

The French synth-wave project You Are Number Six is set to imminently release a four track EP – Don’t You Like My New Lipstick?.

You Are Number Six - From The North To The South

You Are Number Six

Much like the name of the project – From The North To South, from the EP, leaves the listener chilled by the dystopian coldness as Théo does was he does best with a track that reflects of the silos of the subservient units which vaguely travel across social media seeking connectivity, whilst too timid to open the door to a next door neighbour physically knocking on the threshold and actually finding personal cohesion as they lay in their self-inflicted prison, preferring a data footprint to a personal identity.

Théo Lefebvre has featured regularly over the past eighteen months and once again in his incarnation as You Are Number Six – From The North To The South has a finger on the pulse of the many in the ’10s and their, incomprehensible, desperate need to be part of an irrelevant herd shepherded by the bureaucrats in suits.

You Are Number Six desperately speaks of the equivocation of – The Prisoner and the self-perpetuating I am not a number, I am a free man.

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