Yesterdrive – Dread – Video

It is a year and a bit since the Indian indie-rock quintet Yesterdrive were introduced.

Yesterdrive - Dread


The latest track  Dread – by Yesterdrive finds them in the anticipated springing footstep as the two tightly strung damped six string guitars pirouette around each other, enhanced by the electronic gadgetry and accompanied by a stretched larynx, are counter balanced by the bass and percussion leaving the listener with nothing to do other than dance around in joyful unison as the pitches meld with easy touch.

Yesterdrive, do not seek to threaten the audience with mendacious soliloquy, rather tempt with sugar coating, at this, they are deft exponents. The just under five minute Dread has taken far longer to write about than it lasts, due completely to joining in with footsteps around the office ending breathlessly at the keyboard.

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