Yesterdrive is Molee Lollen (Lead Vocals / Guitars), Liem Ngadong (Bass / Backing Vocals), Haggai Rongmei (Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals), Sachin Shahi (Drums) and Kabir Jamatia (Synth / Sample / FX) an alt-rock band originally from Arunachal Pradesh in India, now based in New Delhi.

Yesterdrive - alt-rock from India


Smartly shaped sounds flow across the room as Yesterdrive deliver music which resonates of the past and present. Through the combination of electronics and instrumentation the quintet is able to infuse layers of textures to their music.

Whilst the material resonates of the past this is not music for the history books as Yesterdrive speak of life in 2014 inside melodic structures which float like spider-webs in the breeze. The tracks sit easily on the ears as synthetic notes are left on extended play, whilst sharply pinned strings and percussion mark out the territory.  Whilst there is little recorded out-put to report on, what is available finds a band who knows how to write and compose songs.

Only a year into their existence Yesterdrive make for an engaging band whose development will be interesting to follow and I wish them the best for the future.

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