Yardlander – Kiss With Teeth – Single Review

Yardlander is a relatively new English brooding-rock quartet.



Having spent time honing on their craft on stage they recently revealed their first track for those not within reaching distance to hear as a recording – Kiss With Teeth.

On hitting play you may ponder the thought of ‘relatively new’ as thundering across the room spins a tune which many musicians of long teeth would be delighted to be able to produce as the quartet deftly weave betwixt one another, allowing each element to shine in turn, in a track which would not be lost on a windy and rainy day at Glastonbury.

Somewhat retrospective in nature, Yardlander, dampen rather than expand notes giving the song a resplendence of the 21st Century and is finely juxtaposed with the derivations of the sound, as whilst those of longer musical catalogues will naturally expand phrases, the quartet catching out the unwary, shorten them.


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