Yard Duty

Yard Duty from Sydney in Australia is the garage rock trio of John, Zacc and Max.

Yard Duty - Garage Rock from Australia

Yard Duty

Painting their pictures by music, Yard Duty deliver Jackson Pollock with splashes of guitar that spray across the compositions, giving the music something of a freehand style. They are also able to turn up the volume and deliver distorted rock derived sounds. The unmistakeable vocal, half-spoken, plaintively calling out as though from the depths of the speakers works well, giving the lyric far more poignancy for the story being told.

The trio use the instrumentation intelligently with the percussion and guitars adding greatly to the atmosphere of the tracks enabling Yard Duty to deliver a sense of the poetic, providing barbs and context. Probably one of the most figurative garage rock sounds doing the rounds and it is a delight to come across the combinations, giving the trio a platform raised far above the general.

It is always a pleasure to come across a band who take a genre and turn it on it’s head to deliver something far better. Their début LP the eight track Mixed Business came out in September and I look forward to hearing a follow-up as Yard Duty potentially have much more to add to the world of music.


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  1. You can’t help but love the boys of Yard Duty, they know how to make a killlller tune!

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