Xup – The Man In Black – Video

The English predatory-rock trio Xup released the LP Broken Doll on the 26th.



Broken Doll is a just over forty minute twelve track album that is best heard in the cellar of an abandoned building with flickering candles casting shadowy light.

The thickly strung bass, around which the music revolves, gives the listener the sense that the notes splat against mossy walls as the dampened notes disappear as quickly as they arrive, with an insistent percussion like a self-reloading rifle spits incessant gun-fire whilst the guitar develops the scope of the compositions from which the distinctive half-spoken vocal bewitches the listener.

My pick of the release (available on bandcamp) is the penultimate –  The Man In Black.

Regular readers will not necessarily need reminding that I always recommend music is heard through a proper speaker set up and not heard through the tinny speakers or earphones of an MP3 playing device – but with such resonating bass which forms the spine of Xup – worth repeating as without a sub-woofer, or at least a capable bass speaker you will be missing pretty much every nuance of the material. I am heartened that when I look at site stats – over 80% of the devices used to connect with the site are desktops able to play tracks in lossless format – to the almost 20% who do listen via tools only able to play MP3 quality – do try it – you will suddenly be reminded what music actually sounds like when it isn’t compressed and how poor playback in MP3 is in reality.


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