Xander Allen & The Keys

Xander Allen & The Keys a three piece indie rock band from Bournemouth in England is Xander Allen (Vocals / Guitar), Marko Owen (Drums) and Lee Hammond (Bass).

Xander Allen & The Keys - indie rock from England

Xander Allen & The Keys

There is something I can’t quite put my finger on that reminds me of ’50s and 60’s pop rock, perhaps it is the jazz infusions, maybe it is is just the general feel, but that doesn’t mean to say that Xander Allen & The Keys sound like something from the archives, far from it, there is a freshness to it all.

Less than a year old the trio have set out their stall with hard work. Over 60 gigs and a new EP, with music that stacks up, Xander Allen & The Keys have the potential to go far. There is a mix of radio friendly material combined with solid contemporary rock, for which there is undoubtedly an audience. A tad too ‘too grown up and gentle’ for me, I am also aware that many of the readers of the website find this style to be exactly right and even with my worn out ears I can recognize quality musicianship when it rolls through the room, so even though it won’t sit on my ‘must play this today’ playlist, there is no reason why they shouldn’t sit on yours.

I most certainly do however extend my best wishes to a band who are striving as hard as possible to achieve their dream and have the compositional and playing skills to reach their goals.


Shoebox Alleyway from the EP – The First Marker is available on iTunes*

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