Wrecking Horse – Begin – Single Review

The Australian bludgeon-rock duo Wrecking Horse revealed the track Begin within the past dozen hours.

Wrecking Horse

Wrecking Horse

Both experienced musicians, who decided now was the time to get together and come up with new ideas. Over the past six months  they have released six tracks – all under the set list name Sketch – instinct tells me there may be an LP on the way.

Turn up the volume and bury your head inside the speakers to best enjoy the output of Wrecking Horse.

Begin opens with a sense of space rock prior to scratching that concept as the bass slams against the ears with thunderous drum joining in the affray, which has the feel that the skins are probably slapping to half-way down the carcass, subsequently the sound of roaring dampened guitar chords join in the pummelling of the head and the listener is already punch-drunk before the equally snarling vocal pours forth its wrath.

On Begin leaving the room five minutes later the audience feels as though they have been in the ring with a heavy-weight boxers punches and the only desire is to go back inside the ropes to delightedly take another beating and have faith that Sketch is not a pencilled in outline, rather a decided construct.

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