Wovoka Gentle – When Cameron Was In Egypt’s Land Let My Cameron Go – Audio

The English synth-folk trio Wovoka Gentle release the EP – Wovoka Gentle EP [Red] on the 7th of October.

Wovoka Gentle - When Cameron Was In Egypt's Land Let My Cameron Go

Wovoka Gentle

From the five track release – the closer – When Cameron Was In Egypt’s Land Let My Cameron Go, which follows their regular elongated titles that leaves the passer-by pondering of the meaning, the music equally provides the mind with conundrums with which to wrestle.

Wovoka Gentle, are able to deliver compositions, that despite their complexity of layers which lay behind a filter, have the ability to engross the audience and given we live in a world demanding of instant gratification, this is no mean feat. It is with some pleasure I do suggest spending a while grappling, once again, with Wovoka Gentle as it is time well worth spent with immensely rewarding result.

This being the third release with a primary colour name in the title – Wovoka Gentle have now gone through the three, so it will be interesting to discover the sequence of naming for following releases.

Wovoka Gentle EP (Red) is available on Amazon.*

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