Wolfhorde – Fimbulvetr – Video

The Finnish alt-metal trio Wolfhorde are set to release their LP – Towards The Gate Of The North on the 22nd of January 2016.

Wolfhorde - Towards The Gates Of The North - artwork

Wolfhorde – Towards The Gates Of The North – artwork

The second of the nine tracks – Fimbulvetr, resonates of the whimsical creativity of many musicians in Scandinavia who are able to cleave out their own distinct shards from established pillars as the track combines the polar opposites of folklore and thrash metal, yet, Wolfhorde are able to make is seem a natural fit.

Acoustic strings, blazoning electric guitars and guttural vocal are forged together by high wielded drums to form an iconographic masterpiece to display on the mantelpiece.

Following on from the LP Deathknot from 2013 – Towards The Gate Of The North discovers Wolfhorde in far more confident and self-regulating mode as they turn from the metal-core fan base to the ground in which they evidently excel – folkloric-metal.


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