Wolf Hut

Wolf Hut from St. Paul in the USA is the nugaze outfit of Zeke Erickson (Vocals / Guitar / Keys), Collin Johnson (Guitar / Drums / Vocals), Joshua Garcia (Bass / Vocals) and Jake Dixon (Drums).

Wolf Hut - nugaze from the USA

Wolf Hut

Wolf Hut is a band to which I can relate, not necessarily for the core style rather, for the fact that although they were only formed in 2013, there is already a five track EP available –  The World & US. I often hear independent musicians lamenting that it is so difficult to get their music heard, conversely, as a music reviewer I find it hard with many bands to find any music to hear other than by spending five to ten minutes following an ever more confusing set of links.

The fluid viscosity of the compositions smear the floor in slipperiness as Wolf Hut merge the various sonics into a continuum, which makes the vocal even more stark than would have been otherwise possible as the band consider thoughts of existential philosophy. Of particular pleasure is when the music is rumbled to the extent that the sub-woofers creak and the sounds seem to take on the effect of simmering oil with shimmering sparks of high pitched tonality representing the popping bubbles.

Six months into the journey it is now up to Wolf Hut whether they loose the momentum thus far gained, as the material as it currently stands, is a testament to the connectedness of concept to deliverable, enabling the listener to engage with the vivacity rather than a band over-thinking the process of production and I hope this early exuberance is not lost to inward navel gazing as time passes.


The World & Us – EP – Wolf Hut is available on iTunes*.

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