Wolf Cola

Tom Masters and Callum Butler from Sydney in Australia recently got together to form the garage rock out-fit Wolf Cola.

Wolf Cola - garage rock from Australia

Wolf Cola

The off tone guitar and vocals give the music a bitter-sweet note which will work with some and jar with others. I enjoy it, particularly given the blurred and fuzzed edges to the sounds which slide across the room. The surfy lo-fi delivery wraps around the ears easily and Wolf Cola provide moments of real enjoyment.

The unpretentious style has a heartening fascination and while very much in development the duo have managed to release their début four track eponymous EP which is available on bandcamp.

How far they will resonate other than to a specific audience, only time will tell, though I have serious doubts about it hitting the mainstream any-time soon, but as you well know, that is not an arbiter of music which adds to the value of the world and it is the likes of Wolf Cola who make getting up a very worthwhile idea as they have a freshness and carefree attitude that gives you hope for the wider scope of humanity.

I do get the feeling the sound would be enhanced by the addition of a Bassist, but inevitably I would think that. However it turns out in the long-term, my thanks to Wolf Cola for creating a far brighter spot over here in the UK today.

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