From Adelaide in Australia is the trip-rock sextet of Dom Trimboli, Tom Spall, Liam Kenny, Tim Richardson, Lucy May and Dan Heath who form Wireheads.

Wireheads - trip-rock from Australia


Engaging a variety of strings and wind instruments Wireheads deliver music that scorches the brain with its complex consternations of sound. The underlay of bass, drums and guitar provides a base of garage rock, to which flute and violin add trippy embellishments along with a variety of other pieces of equipment, whilst a scornful vocal adds rasps, this is all put into a blender and rather than a cacophony of unwelcome noise tumbling around the room, the audience finds compositions in which to immerse the mind.

Although having the gear to extend tracks to lengthy monologues, Wireheads keeps the pieces concentrated, resulting in music that doesn’t stray into the unconscionable. Don’t expect your ears to settle into rhythmic mellow meanderings as the sounds are intended to reflect of turmoil and that is precisely what they deliver.

Despite the name – The Late Great Wireheads (which is available on bandcamp) is not a retrospective, rather the début LP that came out in early 2014 and is a fascinating journey.

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