WINTERS END from Sydney in Australia is the electronica duo of Marissa Pinto and Christopher Pinto.

WINTERS END - Electronica from Australia


There is for certain a chill which breezes across the room as WINTERS END enter, but they do warm it up with the synths which give the music its tapestry.  With one foot in the past and one in the future the duo are able to intrigue the audience with their compositions.

Not seeking to challenge – WINTERS END nonetheless satisfy a craving with the combinations of purposefully drama laden percussion as the electronics smooth out the edges, to which a vocal soars above in a different plane, offering an oversight and in combination it all settles on the audience with a deft touch that captivates.

Whilst there is much to enjoy as a duo, I ponder whether long term they don’t perhaps need to consider additional players to give the construct a longevity, which it perhaps it currently lacks. However the website wasn’t set up to impose constrictions on the future, merely to comment on the here and now. As it stands there is plenty to entertain the ears as the sounds rebound across the diaspora.


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