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The Australian melancholic-wave duo Winter Witches are finalising details of their début LP MASC which is planned for release next year.

Winter Witches - photo credit - Sam Roberts

Winter Witches – photo credit – Sam Roberts

Their music has a darkness which drapes like a soft, purple, velvet-robe around the listener.

Combinations of electronica and piano enable Winter Witches to create luscious layers of drifting sorrow from which a superlative rich vocal flows expressing of both self-imposed and outside influenced confinement in ever narrower and increasingly irrelevant silos of presentation and behaviour, with the music ultimately leading the audience to a glimmering light from thought entrapment and a world of greater cohesion and opportunity.

The two track single Unspeakable Clothes was released on the 8th, signposting of the direction of the forthcoming album. The B side is This Religion.


Unspeakable Clothes – Single – Winter Witches is available on iTunes.*

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