Whocat – Fishy Five – Video

Whocat – a funk-groove outfit – is the fruit given rise from the musical vibes of the Brussels (Belgium) vocalist and musician Sara Moonen in a solid band with Joris Lindemans (Double Bass), Benoit Minon (Guitar) and Davy Palumbo (Drums / Percussion).



With thanks again to Sarah Gommers for her weekly article –  Fishy Five is the third of the six tracks on the LP Blueprints.

Whocat is like a turning globe on the writing desk, each country is another view and that’s the same for Whocat. Each song is another view, another experience, another tone. A description of the Whocat-sound: groovy, full of contrast, catching, sometimes strangling but always surprising from different angles.

Sara Moonen: “These impressions are certainly coming from the Fishy Five. This song is built up in two styles, with a high contrast between the two of them. These things aren’t my cup of tea. This is the territory of the guys who are all three skilled pros. They explained me about the strange technical things in our music.”


Blueprints – EP – Whocat is available on iTunes.*

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