White Reaper

White Reaper is the new-wave trio of Tony Esposito (Guitar / Vocals), Nick Wilkerson (Drums) and Sam Wilkerson (Bass) from Louisville in the USA.

White Reaper - new wave from the USA

White Reaper

Stripping away all the unessential elements White Reaper deliver up-tempo garage rock with the seasoned ability of a well established out-fit and bearing in mind they only formed less than a year ago and have already released a must have six track eponymously named EP, expect to hear much more of the trio in the future.

The native rawness of the songs draws instant attraction and White Reaper grab hold of the audience and hurl them around the room in a frenzy of activity and like a trained boxer, the punches land with precision to the mid-riff in a flurry. The listener needs do nothing other than turn up the volume as the body will naturally kick in to join the sounds with flailing arms and pogo jumps.

The influences are clear to hear and White Reaper would have perfectly in tune as CBGBS, but that doesn’t make them a pale imitation of what has gone before, as they carve out their own name in the woodblock with well timed and played music of relevance to the second decade of the 21st Century.

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