White Mystery

White Mystery from Chicago in the USA is the rock duo of Miss Alex White and Francis Scott Key White.

White Mystery - rock from the USA

White Mystery

The plaster on the walls cracks as White Mystery rev up their ear-splitting buzz of rock ‘n’ roll and all the listener has to do is turn up the speakers. The music reeks of oil, denim and wet leather as the cascade of music pin-balls around the head.

From snatches of songs running to well under three minutes and tomes which extend to the best part of a quarter of an hour White Mystery will keep you engaged in an eviscerating rampage of sound.

The duo have been playing for many a year now with their first LP dating from 2010. In the intervening years White Mystery have grown in self-confidence and although I haven’t had the opportunity to see them live am led to believe they are blistering shows, which I can well believe by their most recent LP the twenty track Dubble Dragon which combines both live and studio recordings.


Dubble Dragon – White Mystery is available on iTunes*

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  1. Hey there, thanks so much for the feature! For the record, that’s a picture of Miss Alex White from White Mystery and her radio co-host, Jonathan Extract. Get photos of the band WHITE MYSTERY here.

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