White Light – Dancer – Video

The English indie-skiffle trio White Light release the two track single Dancer on the 23rd.

White Light

White Light

There is a delightful juxtaposition between tightly strung guitar and the background thrubbing bass and sudden appearance of analogue keys which poke their head in to the room two thirds of the way through the track that bounces around the room as White Light surface the title for the single.

Not attempting to obfuscate –  White Light make no pretence they are a band to enjoy at a birthday bash as they grab hold of the listener and twirl them around the dance-floor to the flexing drums and sprightly vocal. Equally importantly the trio are able to deliver their retro-’80s californian-surf references in a style that is as fresh as a daisy as they bloom from the speakers. How could anyone not be smiling once having engaged?

White Light are a band to put on the playlist any moment you are finding life a tad oppressive and they will immediately lighten your mood – in the video they even manage to make the puppet of Mrs. Thatcher appear benign, which is no mean feat at all.


Dancer – Single – White Light is available on iTunes.*

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