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The trippy-rock quartet of Mirza Lazuardi (Guitar), Farhan Fazrian (Guitar), Prayoga Adhitama (Bass) and Barsya Prastoro (Drums) from Bandung (Indonesia) known as White Lemon Delirium released the LP Mind’s Eye on the 10th.

White Lemon Delirium

White Lemon Delirium

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which fuses progressive rock, psychedelia and space-rock in to manageable slices and rather than disappearing in to vortex of spiralling hallucinogenics the quartet create music that has a steadying keel in which the listener can find a buoyancy of ready comprehensibility.

By allowing the compositions to have a fairly approachable demeanour they also afford the songs something of an extemporised feel by which the audience finds their mind becoming ever more transfixed.

The antepenultimate track is Geddewei.

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