White Bær

From Dundee in Scotland – Dan Hedge, Nicky Johnston, Danny Sturrock and Adam Valentine got together last year to form the dreamy-rock band White Bær.

White Bær - Dreamy-rock from Scotland

White Bær

The music floats across the room in weaves of dark-blue velvet threads as White Bær wrap the audience in soft embrace. The inclusion of bowed strings gives the material a ghostly presence which captivates the mind in what are fairly lengthy compositions, not unknown to extend over five minutes. An investment of time well worth making as the quartet deliver material which the longer heard, the deeper the mind relaxes into the ambience.

Despite the relative newness of White Bær they have been able to make a decent volume of work available to wider audiences who don’t have the opportunity to see them live and well worth delving into as the mesmeric compositions are not only well written, but deftly delivered.

This is not music to provide at a Rave, nor is it something that you need to wear Evening Dress to listen to and I highly recommend getting to know White Bær who have much to add to the weave of the world of music.

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Three track single The Promise of a Life of Violence is available on bandcamp.

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