White Bær – The Tide In My Lungs – Single Review

It has been a lengthy gap since the Scottish dystopian-rock band White Bær last revealed new music.

White Bær - The Tide In My Lungs

White Bær

In the past four hours they made available their new single The Tide In My Lungs, which is available on bandcamp.

In concert of much of the music from bands previously featured with optimistic reveals –  the material has become more melancholic – as realism of societies that are becoming ever more weary and disenfranchised of their expected ‘role’ of doing as they are informed by uncaring constructs with diktats of what is best for their life and The Tide In My Lungs resolves in to contemplative sadness that settles in the room in plaintive and fraught divisiveness.

The resounding bass / percussion and lowered register vocal are set to a measured tempo from which the seraphic guitar laments of discordance, leaving the listener enraptured in the enveloping darkness of the just over four and a third minutes track.

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