White Ape – Game Of Soldiers / A Face At The Window – Single Review

White Ape, the English alt-rock band is set to release the double A side single Game Of Soldiers / A Face At The Window on the 18th.

White Ape - Game Of Soldiers - A Face At The Window - Single Review

White Ape

For those who have followed the posts about the quartet over the past year you will find familiar territory, along with a more confrontational stance, which raises the bar to a higher level in this release.

The vocal in Game Of Soldiers is given more space to scratch gravel into the ears, along with an angry guitar you keep expecting to burst into flames. This is a song I can’t help but enjoy as there is a fulminating pent-up frustration, akin to a crowd watching their favourite sports team taking a drubbing whilst being taunted by the opposing fans. Being a Millwall supporter, a mood with which, I can easily empathise.

A Face At The Window finds White Ape heading to a more gothic style, with a voice exploring surprisingly deep baritone notes, whilst simultaneously retaining their signature bouncing tempo and my pick of a release which is well worth adding to the collection.

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