White Ape – Drones Clones Ramones – Single Review

The English new-wave quartet White Ape released the three track single Drones Clones Ramones a few hours ago.

White Ape - Drones Clones Ramones

White Ape

Opening with the title track the distinctive vocals of Tommy Mack strides purposefully in to the room surrounded by a strident phalanx of instrumentation that pulverises all before it and my pick of the release, signifying the malcontent which has emerged ever more forcefully each time White Ape have been returned to…

… since their introduction back in 2014 with a song by similar title to their first feature though this time round – very different intent – as the good humour and rock-a-billy of A Run For Gringo has been replaced with forceful fusillade of bullets which ricochet around the room finding the listener ducking from the shrapnel in Another Run For Gringo.

The closer is I Get Excited When You Call My Name – a track in which White Ape encapsulate a world where to have a ‘social media’ recognition seems to be the pinnacle of success sought by so many in a snarky frustrated and very angry piece of music, which reminds me of the ability to articulate ideas in abstruse song titles, powerful musicianship and deftly delivered vocals à la The Stranglers – which White Ape is able to do without the use of keyboard.

Keep your eyes on these guys.

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