Whispering Jackie – Breaking Up This Time – Single Review

The Australian new wave trio Whispering Jackie released the single Breaking Up This Time – yesterday.

Whispering Jackie

Whispering Jackie

Breaking Up This Time is slung in to the room on the back of a bulging bass line that tests the speakers before unfurling in to a song that has the listener threshing around in delight crashing in to any obstacles in the way, so unless you want to damage your shins, probably best to clear some space before hitting play.

The trio are able to fire the track with plenty of impetus, yet still find space to expand guitar, even finding room for a bridge that doesn’t break the flow with the percussion consistently hammering along the pace while lyrics, which reflects on relationship breakdown are delivered in a manner that brings joy to the heart, with the expressive voice ranging across octaves with pinpoint accuracy while simultaneously varying pace giving the roughly three and a half minutes of Breaking Up This Time considerable variation, that bass – oh, that bass…

…word arrives that Whispering Jackie are in the process of putting together an EP – by when I hope my shins will be in better shape.

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Breaking Up This Time – Single – Whispering Jackie is available on iTunes.*

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