Whisperhawk – Bear River – Single Review

The wistful-folk project of Michael Gross who performs as Whisperhawk released the single Bear River on the 29th of January.



A pondering composition of defiance in a country still riven by division across ever smaller cross hatching, Bear River, which is available on bandcamp, commemorates the one hundred and fifty fifth anniversary of the Bear River massacre of the Northwestern Shoshone Native American Nation on the 29th of January 1863.

A quietly laid piece which in spite of its dark countenance doesn’t hurl invective from the speakers rather a request for a world in which people can unite rather than keep fracturing in to splintered silos of self-righteousness.

To give a backdrop to the current context – on the 26th the Northwestern Shoshone Native American Nation completed the negotiations for five hundred and fifty acres of land and were able to commemorate the massacre on the 29th with a foothold in a landscape they recognised and felt able to tell their story from their perspective with a sense of confidence rather than had been the case in previous years at the memorial plaque and tourist attraction erected in 1932.

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  1. Great song, I like the storyline accompanying.

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