Wezley from Coffs Harbour in Australia is the garage rock duo of Cody McCabe (Vocals / Bass) and Alexie Pigot (Backing Vocals / Guitar / Drums).

Wezley - garage rock from Australia

Wezley – garage rock from Australia

Newly out of the starting gate, Wezley are still searching for a permanent guitarist, but as you know that never stops me having a listen and making a suggestion as to a creative force worth spending some time to explore. Fusing surf and garage rock with some psychedelic drops there is much potential that lies within the vehicle.

The duo are able to take straight-forward ideas and weave some mystical whimsy around them to provide the listener with plenty to enjoy. Equally – in the only three tracks that are currently available, they can also pull on their running shoes and hurry along the pace with energizing progression, or play more studious rock based sounds. I prefer it when they add some distinction and inject additional layers as it is here that they seem to have most to add to the world of music.

I hope Wezley is able to quickly find their third player and get the chance to head out on the road  where I hope they will add the flair, which comes about from dealing with everything not being quite as wanted. I look forward to coming back to the band in the future to find out how things have developed, for now, my pick of the tracks.

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