Weird Adults

Surfacing from Port Saint Lucie in the USA are Brendan Lis (Bass / Guitar / Theremin), Bryn DeHass (Vocals / Sampler / Synths), Michael Sapienza (Guitar  / Bass / Percussion), Matt Yuscavage (Drums) and Steve Folimer (Guitar) who form the psychedelic-garage band Weird Adults.

Weird Adults - psychedelic-garage from the USA

Weird Adults

The munificence of instruments are not deployed by Weird Adults to create volume, rather contortions of complex textures, in what is a relatively new outfit who are still looking forward to their first birthday. Still finding their feet in their musical journey, they afford the audience with a plethora of ideas in their currently available fourteen tracks.

Firmly ensconced around a sound that requires a sip of mushroom tea to fully engage with the quintet who take the listener on a magical carpet ride of undulations and paroxysms of writhing limbs that disport around the room.

Ten of the songs have been put together to form what is essentially a concept LP – Pet Without A Face, whilst Weird Adults discover their métier. There is nothing to not enjoy in the output and only more to look forward to hearing and I wish them every success with their journey and without desirous to put any bait on which to feed – I do like the song Fake Sleeping.

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