We Only Said

We Only Said is the scourging-rock quintet of Florian Marzano (Guitar / Vocals), Mathias Prime (Guitar), Loïg Nguyen (Guitar), Stéphane Fromentin (Bass) and Pierre Marolleau (Drums / Vocals) from Rennes in France.

We Only Said - Scourging Rock from France

We Only Said

An abrasive scouring descends upon the ears as We Only Said deliver their industrial tectonic plates of tightly strung and damped guitars which coruscate inside the brain. This is not music in which to relax, rather compositions that harangue the audience and the more you listen the more it challenges.

We Only Said is a band who deserves a far wider spread as they challenge the mores of ‘nicety’ with songs that wrestle with the supine in tangles of scything guitar melodies as percussion and bass war against each other, giving the out-put its visceral thread to which vocals add tinctures of acidic liniment.

The music speaks of a narrative of the ’10’s as We Only Said proffer commentary that resonates of a period in history that will be looked at in future histographia as a period of social discordance and fragmentation.

It is always a pleasure to discover musicians who write social commentary and yes it hurts the ears and so it should. I look forward to listening to future material.

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