We Came As Strangers – Adrenaline – Video

We Came As Strangers is an alt-rock quartet from England.

We Came As Strangers - Eyedom - Vinyl

We Came As Strangers – Eyedom – Vinyl

Back in August We Came As Strangers released the LP Eyedom, Adrenaline is the third of the ten tracks.

Adrenaline exemplifies the musical ability of the quartet in a track that features a synth humming in the background, to which strings generate softening passages that appear between more forceful guitar and percussion and overlaying it all is an expressive vocal that perfectly captures the changes in tempo and mood throughout the track. All cleverly packaged in a shade under three minutes.

Established players, We Come As Strangers have been able to use their experience to generate music that mixes more complex elements than on previous releases and deliver it with ease. Despite the smooth flowing sounds, the quartet have been able to retain a gritty edge, which makes the tracks come alive.


Eyedom – We Came as Strangers is available on iTunes.*

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