We Are Us

We Are Us a garage rock band from Rimini in Italy is the duo of Silvio Pasqualini (Vocal / Bass / Guitar) and Maddalena Zavatta (Vocal / Guitar).

We Are Us - Garage Rock from Italy

We Are Us

Less than a month old and neither want to take credit for Drums or keys, but someone is playing them. With only three tracks to their credit and no live performances, you may be wondering why I am asking you take a listen to We Are Us. For a few reasons: Firstly bands this new is precisely why Emerging Indie Bands exists; Secondly, they have started out doing precisely what so many bands forget – making their music available from the off and not stressing about the packaging first and; Most importantly the music feels genuine and makes the day better for having heard it.

This approach would of course sit well in my mind as you know. My first gig was after forming a band on the Wednesday – a four hour band practice on the Saturday and on to the stage that evening with a half an hour set as the opening act in a pub on The Old Kent Road in South East London. Of course I forgot some of the lyrics and we weren’t tight, but it was a great night and we were booked straight back by the venue for a follow up gig, so it can’t have been a complete disaster. However were the music not up to mustard I wouldn’t have asked you to spend the time.

Within the three tracks on a release entitled And This Is You, We Are Us head from indie pop through garage rock and on to shoegaze each handled well, so it will be interesting to find out which direction they ultimately travel, of course I have my preference, but I am not in the band and won’t have to live with that decision.

Thanks for getting your creative ideas out there so quickly We Are Us and all the best in the development of the career.


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