We Are Twin

We Are Twin is a synth-rock quartet based in Los Angeles in the USA comprising Gabi Christine (Vocals), Nicolas Balachandran (Electronics), Zackary Smith (Bass / Keys / Vocals) and Justin Frazier (Drums).

We Are Twin

We Are Twin

Tightly woven sound springs across the room as We Are Twin interweave dream-wave with indie rock to provide the audience with a scintillating aural extravaganza. Formed initially as a concept between Gabi and Nicolas the idea expanded to a full-blown ensemble with the addition of Zackaray and Justin in 2013.

Teutonic pragmatism, by way of South East Asia combines with New York feistiness ending up residing in free-wheeling California and the combinations provide the listener with a captivating sound, which utilises the floating electronics with a taughtness of rock derived compositions and a sense of unfettered freedom to provide the audience with music that finds a freshness like an astringent – sharp, yet refreshingly welcome.

We Are Twin plan to release their début LP Xtra Love on the 11th November and having had a chance to listen to all nine tracks, I posit this is an album which needs to be added to the playlist when available. I am able to share the third song on the release – In The Moment.


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