We Are The Men

We Are The Men is the garage rock quartet of Danny KendrickjAlex Rather-TaylorMarius Atherton and Paul Hanna from Rohnert Park in The USA.

We Are The Men - Garage rock from The USA - photo by Sean Casey

We Are The Men – Photo by Sean Casey

Whilst it works most of the time for We Are The Men, due to continent apart commitments they are not always together, hence their slow progress, although always welcomed on the San Francisco live circuit when they do coalesce and no wonder.

Turn up the speakers and revel in the sounds that are We Are The Men. Like a mole burrowing under the earth they consume all before them as they form a tunnel for their own edification and this joy of making music is reflected in the resulting out-put. The audience is treated to music which folds into a melange of thumping bass / percussion and shadowy guitars resulting in a cornucopia of enjoyment.

My timing for a review is either spot-on as a calendar reminder, or appallingly misjudged as We Are The Men are in their disparate locations and won’t be back together for while as Marius heads off once again to help put together the annual Festival De La Cour Denis in France.

I just hope they all manage to get back together again, as they have done for the past few years, after what they call their ‘annual summer break’.

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