We Are Bandicoot – Limitations – Single Review

The English funk-rock quintet We Are Bandicoot are due to release the single Limitations on the 25th of March.

We Are Bandicoot

We Are Bandicoot

Undercuts of guitar blossom like newly opening flowers as Limitations hip-snakes its way into the room.

The scattered tempos which stop and start remind me of driving in a queue of heavy traffic on the motorway, where someone irritating five miles up the road at the front of the queue once again decides to test their brake lights just for the sake of it, but rather than tempting you to bang your head on the steering wheel in frustration, there is a rationale.

We Are Bandicoot cast scant and wary eye over the world around and the switches in pace are ones of sideways stare as they identify edifices of consternation on which they desire to place condemnatory commentary, demanding the listener also shake themselves out of their reverie of somnambulism.

The quintet do not make life easy for the listener and for that I give them full credit as they deliver their excoriating messages and choose to do it in a wrapping very few agit-rock bands attempt.


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