Wax On Water – Procession – LP Review

The English dark-electro project Wax On Water released the LP Procession on the 11th.

Wax On Water - Procession - artwork

Wax On Water – Procession – artwork

Best played on a visit to Bracken Cave whilst flickering wings quietly filter dusk light as Wax On Water delivers a gothic moodiness that shrouds the listener in dark purple neon light whilst entreating all to lay in tethered oiled nakedness writhing with partners unseen through velvet blind-folds. Turn up the bass, kick up the volume and take pleasure in the tantalising album.

Opening with An Army which teeters through the speakers in fleeting and teasing embrace as the the discombobulated buffers of sound invite towards the cellar.

Next is Chelsea Fuck –  which is my pick of the release as a desirous eroticism spills through the room as the sensuous vocal nail claws the skin to the accompaniment of welt inflicting electronics that lash across the torso.

Sonic appears to loosen the bonds as pianoforte introduces the piece prior to evolving in to a mistress in stilettos striding around the room with tickling feathers flailing from side to side.

The fourth of the seven tracks is the teasing Fall And The Flame with its rising and falling bass lines that finds ears capturing sounds filtering form all directions.

Innate – is a track that is worth the price of Procession in its own right as the deep resonances of bass rattle the sub-woofers in to a wave of acticity.

Enamour spreads its wings from different trajectory in a number which hurries the pace in seemingly dismissive irritation.

The closer is the title Procession which bleeds synths through the speakers in angular schematics as though rolling slain and fed-upon bodies out of the door as sun rises whilst awaiting the next sun-set.

Those of you who read the site regularly will know I write articles with a 10 year old Pekingese – Gnotti – by my side who generally lets the sounds flow past while he sleeps through the dis-articulated hours I function. He decided to join in with this one as the hairs on my arm waved in the breeze. Which as an interlocutor into the thread of the review is perhaps somewhat disturbing to the mind – but like the bats in the cave – echo-location captivates imagery and as I weaved a thread of commentary unintended by Wax On Water – so Gnotti found passages he did enjoy for different reasons entirely.

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