Quigley (Guitar / Bass/ Vocals) and Kieran (Drums) from New York in the USA form the slacker outfit Washer.

Washer - Here Comes Washer - Vinyl

Washer – Here Comes Washer – Vinyl

There is a quietness of dampened sound that drifts around the room as Washer deliver music which gives the sense of the mundane boredom of life as the flat tones stretch their limbs. While able to play around with tempos it is the flatness of delivery that makes the listener want to hear more.

Washer is a band who are able to provide the audience with a sound that has a genuine connectedness which due to its intrinsic unexcitability wraps the ears in layers of droning disinterest that reflects of the realities of life in short bursts of creativity with tracks typically running around the two minute mark and I look forward to hearing more by them in short order.

With an established and growing live performance circuit the duo are also able to regularly release material, the most recent of which being the fourteen track Here Comes Washer (available on bandcamp).

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