Wargirl – Start a Fire – Single Review

Wargirl is a US protest-rock band.

Wargirl - Photo by @b.a.cherry

Wargirl – Photo by @b.a.cherry

In collaboration with Cold War Kids and Anne Dereaux, as a group of friends, gathering around to contemplate the pariah state in to which their home country has descended. They surfaced with a new protest piece that draws influence by each from their natural tendency.

Resulting in the organic and uncompromising track Start A Fire which bleeds across the room in a stretching of fingertips to offer a message of collectivism with those equally as ground down by the State wherever they are in the world in an approaching five minute number that has an extemporised feeling, self-assuredness, yet calmness of intonation combined with a sense of genuine bafflement as to how things have come to pass in a song that resonates globally for its expressive consternation and frustration.

Wargirl – website

Cold War Kidswebsite

Anne Dereauxsocial media page

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