VVhile from Belgrade in Serbia is the alt-rock duo of Stevan Ćirović and Andrija Spičanović.

VVhile - photo - Alexandar Stamatovski

VVhile – photo – Alexandar Stamatovski

There is a subversive stream of sound that filters around the room as the VVhile extract the juices for the audiences edification and one is left feeling they are sitting in a squat in the GRD as the duo take the listener on an underground journey of excavation.

There is a Euclidean matrix that sits inside the vortex of sounds and you will find yourself reaching for the answers as the duo tamper out the bore-holes into which the music funnels. VVhile deliver a set of compositions which elude the touch as the duo deliver music which has an entrancing attraction to the ear.

The scimitar of strings foiling against percussion whilst a vocal appears like an apparition from the nether corners gives VVhile a tragic confluence that writhes around the head like Medusa with her shining invitations guarded by venom.

A duo with considerable experience behind them VVhile coalesced as a unit recently with a just over forty five minute ten track vinyl LP – While coming out in January 2015 which is one to get hold of when available.

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