Vulgarians is the goth-rock quartet of Ryan Wilson-PreenTom MorrellJodie Smith and Connor Cheesman from Kingston-Upon-Hull in England formed earlier this year.

Vulgarians - Photo credit - Paul Newbon

Vulgarians – Photo credit – Paul Newbon

Whilst Vulgarians produce music that has you wondering in which cellar you have been tied, there is also a bustling energy that is begging to burst through the eardrums. Many bands sound paltry on low volume, or sublime and vice-versa, the quartet have the ability to work both with quiet headphones and ear-bleeding speakers bouncing across the room.

As you well know I am always a fan of bass strings hanging loosely on the fretboard and Vulgarians smartly utilise these vaguely tied four strings to provide the backdrop, not the centre piece of the out-put, which is how they are able to function across the decibel range, though I would advise bass on maximum, else the transition becomes a subsumed sound. It is the haunting guitars in centre stage that sear across the brain with a burning tempestuousness that flays across the room like welts from a whip on the back. Percussion hangs on bass drum and forays across the kit with nary a soirée to the snare grab handle, preferencing cymbal and open hi-hat for reference point to which the ghostly apparition of the vocal completes the mood.

With only three songs to hear, I am looking forward to discovering more of the ideas of Vulgarians in short order.

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