Vulgarians – Lost Sanity Smiles – Single Review

The English goth-rock band Vulgarians launched their latest single today.

Vulgarians - Lost Sanity Smiles


Lost Sanity Smiles creeps out of the Crypt in hinges needing oiling as the quartet play across each other, giving the track an intransigent discordance which drips into the ear like a scythe tapping the cranium.

Vulgarians do not attempt to make the composition easy on the brain as screeching guitar finger slides pierce the cochlea, whilst, vocal delivered at a pace that bears no relevance to the pacing bass rips around the room. The percussion, akin to a heart being defibrillated, pumps in and out of ear-shot.

Sometimes music needs to be played quietly to gain optimum traction, other times it needs to be played with sub-woofers and tweeters fully exercised with volume notched as loudly as possible – Lost Sanity Smiles demands the latter.

Although only my second article about Vulgarians, I am sensing something of a favoured band surfacing.

Lost Sanity Smiles is available on Amazon.*

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